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2008 Annual Report

About the EDN
The ARC funding for Research Networks ceased in 2009, and as a consequence the EDN is no longer operational. We thank the ARC and the participating institutions for their support over the life of the Network. We encourage visitors to communicate directly with the researchers whose work is documented on this site.

Welcome to the ARC Economic Design Network website. To learn more about some of the exciting work of EDN members, please click on one of the case studies below.

Bridging the Shencottah Gap: Aligning Incentives to Protect Tiger Habitats
The endangered Indian Royal Tiger is a species whose habitat is under threat from misaligned incentives. The risk is most pronounced in areas where the interests of the locals might come into conflict with the desire to preserve the tiger habitats: areas such as the Shencottah Gap, between Periyar and Kalakad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserves in Western Ghats. But now a US$1.2 million dollar project, co-sponsored by the National Tiger Conservation Authority India and the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, aims to design and implement incentives to protect these key areas. [Read more]

Blowing Bubbles: Using Experimental Economics to Unlock Market Forces
One of the key lessons of the Global Financial Crisis is the important role of bubbles in financial markets, and their influence on the economy as a whole. But at the same time, the GFC revealed just how little we know about what causes bubbles and how they can be prevented. Among the economists hoping to change this is Dr Nikos Nikiforakis. This University of Melbourne economist uses laboratory experiments to unlock the market forces behind the bubbles. [Read more]

Upcoming Highlights

  • The 2010 Economic Design Winter School on New Developments in Decision Theory will be held at the University of Queensland. Presenters will include Simon Grant (Rice University) and Bob Chambers (University of Maryland). Dates to be announced.
  • The EDN Reception at the Annual Meeting of the Allied Social Sciences Association is coming up! The ASSA is a meeting of over 15,000 of the most important economists from around the world. It is the foremost academic meeting and job market exchange for economists in the world, drawing graduates, academics, and job market candidates into one place. The EDN Reception provides a strong Australian presence at this global event. Register here
  • The 2010 Asia Pacific Meeting of the Economic Science Association will be hosted by the the Department of Economics at the University of Melbourne on February 18 – 21 2010.
  • The 28th Australasian Economic Theory Workshop will be held at the University of Melbourne on February 16 – 17 2010.

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